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Our Top Reasons to Study in Ireland

By August 17, 2020 February 11th, 2021 No Comments

There are lots of great things about the Emerald Isle, we’ve listed a couple that make it one of the best places to study. So give it a read and find out why so may people choose to study in Ireland each year and make HATCH Student Living their home.


Céad Mille Fáilte

The land of a thousand welcomes, Ireland is renowned for its friendliness and hospitality which ensures a smooth transition for any resident into student life. 


Safety First

We’re known for being a safe country in the best of times, but with the recent Coronavirus pandemic we are amongst the safest countries in the world. Click HERE for more details about Safe Living @ HATCH.


Excellent Universities

Sometimes referred to as the land of saints and scholars, Ireland offers a wide variety of courses across the Emerald Isle and is sure to have a myriad of options for whatever you’re hoping to pursue… Arts, Business, Finance, Marketing, Science, Engineering, Computing and so much more…


Employment Opportunities

Many top companies have headquarters in Ireland which makes it a perfect opportunity for students to get their dream job in their dream company. Ireland is also a great place to secure that dream internship! So, wherever you’re at in you educational career journey, Ireland has many opportunities to offer you.


Experience and Language

Though other European study destinations and their institutions offer courses fully or partly through English, in Ireland you’ll get to study and live through English. Nothing impresses employers more than being able to show skills through experience, whether it’s having studied abroad or having moved to a new city.


Craic and Culture

The Irish are known for having a good time and a good temperament. As well as being home to nobel laureates, it’s love of arts, culture and heritage is evident wherever you go. As a student there’s no better place to be, with free and fun activities around every corner… #HATCHWeekend