Booking Terms & Conditions

HATCH residents must be a registered student with an identified third level University / Institute / College 

All HATCH bookings are subject to booking terms and conditions. HATCH residents will have to sign the HATCH Room Agreement to finalise their booking. A deposit of €500 is taken upon booking.

2023/24 Academic Bookings rooms can now be reserved without payment. Please note payment is due no later than 1st July. A reminder email will be sent before 1st July to prompt you to confirm the payment charge. If no payment is received by 2nd July the booking will automatically be cancelled. For CAO students deposit payment is due on day of first round CAO offers (date TBC) unless this date is after the commencement of the booking period.

If you wish to confirm your booking immediately please get in touch and we will enable the deposit payment on your account and issue your HATCH Room Booking Agreement so you can complete your booking process.


Booking deposits are fully refundable if cancellation is received in writing via email to residence email by 1st August or within 14 days of booking.


All other refunds will only be made where a replacement has been found for the room booked (less an admin charge of €75).


Once the booking period commences the booking deposit converts to a security deposit and is held by HATCH until the end of the booking period.  The security deposit is refundable at the end of the booking period and acts as credit against non-payment of any Room Booking Fee, an end of booking period administration fee of €75, any bills owing, and any damage beyond normal wear and tear at the end of the booking period or its earlier termination.


HATCH reserve the right to modify or cancel this booking at any time should false information be provided by the customer or HATCH be unable to provide the agreed service where such failure is beyond its reasonable control (such as technical failure, mechanical breakdown, third party actions and labour disputes). If booking is cancelled by HATCH and customer has provided accurate information, the booking deposit will be refunded in full.

Specific room allocations will be made by HATCH and included in HATCH Room Agreement.


Updated February 2023


Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at